United States

The door of the OVNI if opened and under the covered with star sky, Two foreigners had left the ship! A meter and way of height: In the truth, one had this height the other lower age. Small eyes; aredondada head; great eyes and small mouth. Two almost imperceptible orifices had to be noses of them. It had small, almost imperceptible ears. Highest it dressed clothes bluish. The other, dressed clothes gray.

They communicated themselves telepaticamente. The general had obtains a missile ' ' tomahawk' ' portable! But he decided does not use it immediately, and to look for to know what those foreigners wanted in our planet Land. *Mac: Welshman, children of; Alexander, Greek: Alexandros, defender of the species human being. Case my book of references is not missed. *Como vocs knows, the United States is to the south of the North America.

*Ele believed witches. The wife of it, said that the only witch who section knew, was the mother of mac Alexander! *O general had been decorated for bravery and acts insanes! But it was not a violent man! Certain time if relating the civilians who had died in preventive attacks, said. _ _ These people was in the wrong hour and the wrong place as the Japanese of Hiroshima and Naganasaki! Commentary that was obliged if to portray. Mac Alexander thought and acted in order to moderate its action. It did not have the minor fear shade. She was necessary to know what that one ' ' gente' ' it wanted. Mac walked in direction to the two foreigners. Highest of them he remained quiet. The other telepaticamente spoke with the general. __Somos emissaries of you vary planetary federacies. We need to come with us. The destination of the Land is being argued. Many peoples ignoring all the inhabitants of Earth, demand the Land! The presence of one of an intelligent terraqueous unit is of extreme importance.