Martins Sources

It is lived at a time marked for the competition, where the scientific and technological progressos define the future of the young in the world of the work, space this still very far from being reached by the deficient intellectual. It will have necessity of bigger persistence of the team to multidiscipline, in regular education, so that the adaptations are accomplished, with objective of learning of the contents that require more time, so that these pupils with educative necessities learn. Very still it has that to advance itself so that the citizens are assured the rights emanated of the Constitution how much to the education of quality to all, independently to be they deficient intellectuals or not. The present work contributes for the teaching professional knowledge and leads to rethink on the importance of the compromentimento of the involved sectors so that the inclusion of the deficient intellectuals is accomplished in all the scopes of the community. One of the main challenges is to reach the pupil to also construct the bridges supported on the which had reality, that these can take it more far possible, understanding critically its proper experience.

the biggest pleasure that the same children can feel is to find itself in the free exercise to create and to invent. The educator will have to be intent to these necessities, demonstrating interest and respect for the special form of each child, perceiving to it moment its especificidades, music is there for assisting in this walked. The playful activities in the development of children with intellectual necessities, assist in the development and new possibilities of discoveries, stimulating the cognitivo, social and the affective one of the child. In this perspective music contributes, decisively, so that the pupil reach an excellent income of learning in all the areas of the knowledge.