Human Resources

Members of both strongly create in their methods and practices and discredit the other people’s ones. Prejudice, on the part of the Argentineans, of disorganization in the way of Brazilian work. Prejudice, on the part of the Brazilians, of little effort in the way of Argentine work. Insufficient Factories of Integration a level management and manager. Absence of workshops of integration at mean level and low. The list is not run out in these items but it is illustrative from the pieces of a puzzle difficult to arm. Those conflicts, take place generally by: implementation of practices to the force and, consequently, disturbance of the members and negation to accept the behaviors and practices of the foreigners. The impact of the cultural disintegration, is translated throughout the time in: Internal disorganization (rupture of formal and informal structures) Conformation of new, tending structures informal to the car conservacinDescoordinacin of tareasSolapamiento of functions and controlesRuido or Absence of eficazPrdida communication of Human Resources of value that decides on the retirement voluntarioErrores OperativosNo alignment of the objectives departamentalesDesfasaje in budgets to reach objetivosCada of the productividadImposibilidad to fulfill the objectives financial All these consequences are susceptible to be avoided or to be cushioned a traverse of a correct plan of action that anticipates a detailed analysis ex ante happens presented/displayed situations.