Lichtjonglage As Acts For Events

Modern and futuristic Jong situation art. Each year several hundred events take place in Germany, where artists are booked, whether at the private wedding or at the anniversary event of a large company. The perpetrators and spectators want to be surprised but with new performances! Many people think of the term juggling the classical circus performers with glittering clubs – unfortunately. Because the Jong location art has grown strongly in recent years. The juggler Christoph Rummel offers contemporary acts, such as he juggles with glowing rods and balls.

The LED props can be programmed in any colors and precisely to the second vote on the show music! Thus arises a fascinating play of light in the darkness of the stage, if the light juggling 5 balls skillfully through the air swirls and begins each time safely in his hands. Viewers will see only the silhouette of the artist and to the brilliant colors of juggling objects and experience an innovative showAct where artistry, lighting effects and music to merge a particular highlight of the show. The colors can be set arbitrarily and are adapted to the corporate design of a company or the event. The Leuchtjonglage is without great preparation and also on a small stage to perform. Because it is a non-verbal act good to understand the performance for international guests. The Cologne Christoph Rummel works for about 10 years as a juggler and occurred already at international festivals as well as at events of many medium-sized companies and DAX companies. He uses the art of juggling very versatile and can visualize with its form of business-juggling also themes and slogans with juggling tricks. In a juggling paper, he connects with a trick the spoken word in original ways and generates such attention and many laughs.

The audience to see your theme in a completely new and unusual way! In the program, he also has a performance with an unusual Assistant, a throwing machine, which precisely gives the clubs him to music or a show Act, in which he twirls bars made of aluminium through the air. Here, too, viewers experience a contemporary staging and maintained in addition to the pure juggling tricks with wit and tongue in cheek. In the Repertoire, he also acts with fire or comedy and more program points. For more information, visit.