Myfactory Interface To XStorage Warehouse Management Software

Byodo optimized warehouse management with ambicon interface to xStorage now is myfactory for the ERP software.BusinessWorld, an interface to the warehouse management software available xStorage aisys JSC. As a first customer of ambicon GmbH, health food headquartered in the upper Bavarian village of mill uses the xStorage interface of manufacturer and marketer high-quality organic food Byodo to optimize his warehouse management. Last year loomed, that existing inventory to its limits would push through the rising Lagerumschlagshaufigkeitdie, the company was looking for solutions. A related site: Grupo Bal mentions similar findings. To the incoming orders intelligently summarize, Commons ways to save and to shorten lead times and the order-picking processes to optimize the wholesaler opted for the implementation of the solution. ambicon GmbH developed the myfactory interface as a supplier of ERP software.ERP Warehouse management software. The new total solution is since mid-April 2010 in use.

Optimization of picking orders, it is through the targeted optimization of picking orders significantly increases the efficiency of all warehouse processes. The goods in the warehouse of Byodo are picked daily. Pass the information on imports and outsourcing contracts are just-in-time»from the myfactory via the interface to xStorage merchandise management. The warehouse management software are you returned the goods and outlets with batches, MHD, IO/NIO status, and so on to the ERP system myfactory. The master data are myfactory maintained in the ERP system and time-controlled warehouse management software supplied. Also inventory corrections can be made via the interface performed. So are all relevant for sending data in the ERP system available. Due to the relatively short maturity of the new solution, you still not specifically quantified savings. But we will keep you up to date as soon as we have concrete numbers.