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The inner market, seriously affected Nevertheless, the inner market of the book if it has been seen seriously affected after invoicing in 2010 2,890, 80 million Euros, which supposes a 7% less than the previous year. The greater preoccupation comes from the reduction of a 3.2% that underwent the past year the nonuniversity text book sale, by a policy of " bad gratuity entendida" , and, also, by the slope of a 43.7% of the purchases for public libraries, tendency this last one that could be accentuated in 2011. " Desgraciadamente" , in Spain circular of the advisors of Education " they recommend that books are not bought, something unusual in the Europea&quot Union; , it added Avila, for whom Andalusia, Aragon and Castilla-La Mancha are the communities that practice a gratuity policy " deeply injusta" , because they try the same to everybody, independent of the level of income of its families. In the 2010 results also it influenced a conjunctural element: the past year best was no to seller of the pull of Millenium, of Stieg Larsson. The reduction continues in 2011 the reduction of the sales continues this year, and, according to the estimations that the publishers shuffle, the invoicing has fallen a 7% in the six first months of 2011 in relation to the same period of the previous year. The hopes are put in the campaign of the scholastic book in September and the one of Christmas, and the final results of 2011 also " they will depend on the resources that release to the central Administration and autonmicas" for the purchase destined to the libraries. *Puedes to buy your books in PopularLibros Source of the news: The inner book market falls a 7% while the exports increase a 3.5%