RIAs Chiringuito In Ibiza At The Playa Cala Pada

Where in the East of the island of Ibiza, the land is flat and literally lined up really lovely beaches and coves can be found the Playa Cala pada and RIA s Chiringuito. A business boss from Germany said the following about RIA s Chiringuito in Ibiza: RIA s Chiringuito, which is one of this privileged places in this world where, no matter to what time of day only oneself can be simple and the piece finds peace that makes life worth living and that one also truly to life needs. Better RIA s Chiringuito can not be described. The Playa de Cala pada – Cala pada beach is one of these framed by pinewoods, Tana Juniper and manicured lawns, picturesque beaches, just a few kilometres from the town of STA. Eulalia del Rio with its idyllic old town and chic Marina. Cala pada is easy on the street after it reach Canar and the turn-off to the picturesque Cala is well signposted.

The Playa Cala pada is also an official pier of the so-called water taxis on the track It Canar – STA. Eulalia, carrying passengers at reasonable prices. The crystal clear water and the shallow water depth of Cala pada are mostly onshore wind ideal for children. An upstream reef protects the Bay from the open sea, therefore it is very popular with windsurfers and even wind surfing novices can collect here their first experiences in this sport. The pedal boat rental, water ski-based offer, a dive with the in the Playa Cala pada diving school or a sailing course the Playa Cala pada do so particularly attractive. A day at the beach or a walk along the coast line is crowned by a visit to RIA’s Chiringuito but again and again. RIA’s Chiringuito apart not only the appealing, clean atmosphere with a quiet, relaxing music and not exaggerated, but very tasty and healthy cuisine that thrives on fresh ingredients, from the usual beach bars on Ibiza.