Social Conviviality

The daily pay-judgment in the social conviviality the Life, the people, the environment It is everything very relative, and nothing it can be friction, judgeship, it always has mutations, are of attitudes, thoughts, ideas, accomplishments, desires, feelings, everything is modified, adjustable, some in accordance with its necessities (and to depend, they abuse, they defame, they curse), others in accordance with the cycle of the life (and this is inevitable, the things does not stop, they simply happens), they are which had been to the reasons, all always lead for the same destination, to the diversities, it wants are good or bad. The changes are very natural, exactly the ones that are in proper benefit, even so everything depend on the point of view, and there it will be to enter in this subject, takes it the egoism, individualism. What it does not agree at the moment. > for additional related pages. Funny as we leave to be influenced for that they believe to be the owners of the truth, and it is therefore that nothing it can be labelled, after all everything in this life has two faces to be considered, but it fits to each individual to have perception of that if it passes to its redor and to analyze what it does not complement, does not patch and it does not add value to the basic principles of the life. One has that to be intent to everything and all, it is to have well-taken care of with the judgments that are attributed, some use of sarcasmos, others of altivez, are which criteria that if use, all are taken shelter against vile excuses, everything in its proper benefit and nor if gives account of how much they are mediocre and stingy, and that they finish influencing in the taking of decisions for the people, thus making to conclude in impulsive and compulsory actions in any way without questioning and ethics. She is necessary to make the difference, it is to give mritos who has and to enaltecer real qualities to who is in fact, is small things become that them huge, the communication between the individuals is vital and is much more advantageous when if it recounts histories, emotions, dreams recriam, do not lose time with useless daily pay-judgments and fools, leave that all they are as to want and the vocs as they must be.. .