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Spring system may consist of a dependent, that is, in some way intertwined springs (‘Bonnel’). Mattresses with a block of independent springs, each of which placed in a separate cloth ‘bag’, and operates independently from the neighboring springs carry the best back support while you sleep. Unconnected springs provide a ‘personal approach’ to different parts of the human body. This mattress allows your spine to remain in a natural position. Spring mattresses are provided with layers that are responsible for properties such products as soft (eg latex), stiffness (Eg coconut coir), elasticity (eg, a layer of latex and coconut), etc. 250 springs per square meter – a minimum standard of independent spring units, then the number of springs may be 500, 750, 1000 (each manufacturer can have different springs and 650 springs, etc.). Independent spring units may consist of 2 large springs and built into it a little more, that provides additional support for the more severe a person for a comfortable both sleep and the manufacturer may be springs and other types of in-house development. Doctors recommend to choose mattresses with a large number of springs, which provides greater surface smoothness.

Any irregularities (Tubercles, etc.) are harmful for the back. People with more weight is recommended to choose on the basis of springless mattresses latex mattresses or monoliths with independent springs. FILLERS MATTRESSES function of filler mat – redistribution of the load and giving the mattress extra properties (hardness or softness). For the production of mattresses use a filler made from natural materials (such as latex, coconut coir, wool, cotton linen), synthetic fillers (such as polyurethane, spunbond, padding polyester, strutto, perioteka). to achieve this success. WHAT IS HARDNESS MATTRESSES TO CHOOSE? Soft Soft mattresses orthopedic mattresses – those mattresses c elastic fillers elasticity of soft mattresses provide needed support and have high orthopedic properties. Mattresses medium-firm mattresses are orthopedic in medium hardness combined elastic and rigid fillers, for example a layer of latex is complemented by a thin layer of coconut coir, which makes orthopedic mattress extra firmness. Fans of sleep on your back will be appreciated by those models. With good elasticity of the surface of the mattress support has excellent properties, which is necessary for the problems of the spine.

Hard Hard mattresses orthopedic mattresses ensure a good spine, and children, and podrostakm. Dr. Bobyr AI recommend choosing a baby mattress hard as a soft mattress can lead to incorrect formation of the natural curves of the spine. For Adult violation of posture doctor recommends Bobyr choose rigid models and bilateral models to turn the mattress on the need for more soft side, but the protrusion or herniated disc, strongly recommends that soft mattresses to choose. Where to buy orthopedic mattress? – Online store selling mattresses orthopedic delivery.